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Are you an Italian student who wants to learn English as a second language? Do you need an English translation service for your texts from Italian to English or vice versa? If yes, then you have come to the right place!

I can help you with any text, such as essays, assignments, reports, articles, emails, letters, etc. I can also proofread and edit your texts to ensure they are grammatically correct and error-free.

Please note that my free English translation service is exclusively limited to homework assignments received from English teachers at school. I do not offer translation services for personal or non-academic purposes.

Why Choose My Free English Translation Service?

Italian to English translation

Here are essential reasons you should trust this service:

  1. Homework Focus –  My primary focus is to support students in their academic journey. I specifically cater to English homework assignments given by school teachers and exclusively to students who have already completed their homework. My service is tailored to support your work, not replace it.
  2. Academic Precision – I understand the importance of accuracy in academic work. I ensure that your homework is translated precisely, maintaining the original content's integrity.
  3. Education-Centric Approach – As part of my commitment to education, I offer this service as a resource to help students excel in their English studies. I've got you covered, whether it's comprehension exercises, essays, or other assignments.
  4. No Cost, No Catch – Enjoy high-quality translations without spending a dime. My commitment to accessibility means that your English translation needs are met without hidden fees or charges.
  5. Timely Delivery – I understand the importance of deadlines. Count on me to deliver high-quality translations within your specified timeframe for homework tasks, usually within 24 hours.

Human translation services - This is a human English translation service that guarantees the knowledge and skills to translate texts accurately and appropriately. The students can understand the context, culture, and nuances of the source and target languages to suit the intended audience and situation.

How It Works?

Submit Your Text: Upload your document in the homework translation help form or provide the text you need to be translated, indicating the desired direction (Italian to English or English to Italian).

What kind of English translations do I offer?

When offering translation services specifically tailored for students' homework, you can focus on assisting with the following types of translations:

English traslation service
  • Literary Texts: Short Stories
  • Language Exercises: Assist students with translating language exercises to reinforce their understanding of grammar and vocabulary in both Italian and English.
  • Homework Assignments: Provide translation support for various homework assignments, including comprehension questions, written responses, and analysis tasks.
  • Creative Writing: Short Stories and Creative Writing:** Offer translation services for students working on creative writing projects in Italian or English.
  • Language Exam Preparation: Provide translations for practice exams or sample questions to help students prepare for language exams.
  • Cultural Texts: Translate excerpts from historical or cultural documents, enhancing students' understanding of the context behind the text.
  • Feedback and Revision: Offer translation services that provide input and suggestions for improving students' translated work.

English translation services available online

There are many English translation services available online, but some of them are more reliable, accurate, and user-friendly than others. According to some sources, here are eight  best English translation services.

According to some sources, the best English translation services are:

DeepL Translate

This translation service uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to provide high-quality translations for 31 languages. It also offers a document translator, a dictionary, and a writing assistant. It claims to be the world's most accurate translator and outperforms the competition in speed, accuracy, and nuance.


Andovar is a translation service provider specializing in localization, voiceover, subtitling, and transcription for various industries and media formats. It supports over 80 languages and has a global network of native translators, editors, and quality assurance specialists. It promises to deliver fast, reliable, cost-effective translation solutions for any project size and complexity.


This translation service provider uses artificial intelligence and human expertise to provide enterprise translation solutions. It supports over 50 languages and offers translation, localization, and data services for various domains and content types. 

However, you should always check the quality and accuracy of the translations before using them for any critical purpose. You can also use multiple services to compare and cross-check the results.

Best italian to english translation services

Italian to English translation

For Italian to English translation services, I would consider using DeepL Translate. It is known for being the world's most accurate translator and supports 31 languages, including Italian and English. You can translate text files in PDF, DOCX, and PPTX formats and even use them to edit your writing with DeepL Write beta.

Another option is a good old Google Translate. It is a free service that instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages, including Italian.

Try DeepL Translate or 10 Best Italian Translator Apps if you want a mobile app. The latter provides a list of 10 Italian translator apps you can use on the go.

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